Magento ecommerce platforms may already be highly configurable, but parent company eBay wants to capitalise on the growth of its business-to-business online sellers and retailers by making the service even more versatile. Recently they rolled out a series of exciting updates, all of which have been designed to stretch the Magento ecommerce platform further, and […]

Here at Magento Team, our Magento developers are often talking to existing customers of clients, potential customers, and people who regularly shop online. This is often the best way to find out what they might want from your site or store, and some interesting revelations come up time and time again. For instance, people dislike […]

Blogs are a great way to bulk out ecommerce sites, drive more traffic, and create a wider audience – but how do you do it? To give you a head start, here are four blogging tips for your ecommerce website. 1. Create original content This is the major pitfall of so many ecommerce blogs. Creating […]

Amazon is not usually a company to go public with its ecommerce data. Whilst it does like to publicise information about its TV and video services and product offerings, we rarely receive any details regarding its ecommerce performance – until now. As part of their new year press release, Amazon have revealed some astounding statistics […]

Marketing trends come, go, and come back round again. For example, conversation marketing has been around since the internet took off, and will no doubt reappear in the future. But for 2015, it is rapidly becoming a hot marketing and ecommerce topic; something essential for good business, and something that all those with a Magneto […]

A slow or complicated checkout process can lead to abandoned shopping carts. Whilst it’s possible to win back customers that have left your website without making a purchase, when they return to the same experience they’re unlikely to come back again. Your customers want to be able to check out quickly, in the smallest possible […]

2015 will be the year that more and more ecommerce sites start to use video to engage the customer. When they are used well, videos can send your conversion rates rocketing. So here are some simple tips from Magento developers for making those videos as effective as possible. 1. Film the product in action! Your […]