The sheer volume of ecommerce sales taking place in China, which overtook the United States in October to become the world’s largest economy, according to the International Monetary Fund, has prompted its government to start giving preferential policy treatment to this booming sector. People in China and overseas bought US$9.3 billion worth of products on […]

Last week, Google officially launched Enhanced Ecommerce for Google Analytics, which gives online store owners a plethora of information about how customers are behaving on their site, as well as their complete path to purchase. The new tool helps merchants focus, not just on what is selling, but on where and why some visitors fail […]

Google’s mobile operating system, Android, continues to have an enormous lead over its rivals, with an 84% global market share in the third quarter of 2014, according to new statistics. Figures released by market research firm, Strategy Analytics, show that a total of 268 million smartphones using Android were shipped in the quarter, compared to […]

No matter how much work you’ve put into developing your Magento e-commerce site, coming up with an effective ad campaign and writing quality content for your blog, you’ll still have the age old problem of the abandoned shopping cart. Picture this: someone has seen your cleverly crafted ad campaign, been interested enough to click and […]

Many different people will arrive at your homepage. They will be there from a range of sources and for a variety of reasons. They will use your homepage as an initial welcome point, a chance to find out more about you, and also to pass judgement. From there, they will then use the signposts you […]

Companies that do not have an ecommerce operation are losing money, according to a new retail study by consulting firm Deloitte that shows a heavy user reliance on mobile devices in making in-store purchases. The report, entitled The New Digital Divide and available for download in PDF form here, says that the explosion in the […]