3 ways to make your online shop stand out

Whether you wish that you were competing with some of the largest names in online shopping, or whether you just want to look better than some of your smaller competitors, standing out can be hard to do. In order to drive sales and increase your revenue, you need to make sure that your website is an effective marketing tool for the products that you’re selling. It’s often not enough to stock something that people want – you’ve got to show your website visitors why they should buy from you. Here’s how:

– Don’t take your own photographs

Unless you’re a professional photographer, it’s best to pay someone that is. Amateur photographs don’t represent your products as well as they should, and can also make you appear ‘cheap’ (in the wrong way) to the people that are visiting your website. Impress with well-lit and well-framed photographs, using a suitable background for the product that you’re showing. If you’re selling clothes, models can really help to make your products more tempting.

– Don’t make your own website

Again, this is something to leave to the professionals. Drag-and-drop editors might be tempting, but often they’re not particularly customisable, and if you’re using a free website builder then you’re sending a bad message to all potential customers. A Magento developer can create a site that suits your needs, looks professional and trustworthy and features a variety of payment options, an easy-to-use shopping cart and the necessary security to provide complete peace of mind for buyers.

– Categorise your products

Make things as easy as possible for anyone that visits your website. Put your products into categories, and make sure that they have obvious titles. Be confident that someone can visit your website and find what they need in the smallest possible number of clicks. Some products can go in multiple categories, for example a baby’s sippy cup might go in ‘cups and bottles’ and also in ‘baby products’, but the key is not to leave your customers guessing.

Your shop should be simple, secure and professional. Invest in your online store and you’ll see a dramatic ROI increase.

Photo: 3 by CarbonNYC [in SF!] licensed under Creative commons 4