5 ways to improve your eCommerce strategy

Our bespoke Magento eCommerce platform makes maintaining your online store a cinch, and while we provide you with the nuts and bolts, there are a handful of ways you can improve your eCommerce strategy. Read on for our expert tips.

1. Optimise the user experience

Convincing customers to whip out their credit cards and part with their cold hard cash will be an uphill struggle if your site isn’t laid out in a friendly, easily approachable way. Customers can’t physically touch or see the products you’re peddling, so try and personalise the experience; offer recommendations and turn customers into taste-makers by encouraging them to use their voices, pen reviews, publish wishlists, and become part of the community you’re trying to foster.

2. Listen to feedback

Customers aren’t afraid to tell you what they think, be it good or bad, and while criticism can be hard to take, embrace it instead of shying away from it. Small and medium sized businesses, in particular, should chase customer feedback and then use it tailor their eCommerce platforms accordingly. Plus, clients that feel like they’re part of the process appreciate you taking the time to take their needs into consideration and will sing your praises to any one who will listen.

3. Make it mobile

Smartphones and tablets are here to stay; as a result, making your website mobile-friendly is no longer a choice but a necessity. Statistics show over eighty-percent of smartphone owners use their handhelds to do their shopping, so make sure your site is mobile-friendly if you want to appeal to a larger market.

4. Incentivise to maximise

As Amazon have shown with their Prime service, customers love a little extra incentive to shop. With that in mind, think about investing in your own VIP program; reward loyal customers with unique discount codes, ply them with promotions and watch as affinity for your services grows and grows.

5. Dip into social media

Turn to social media as a way of targeting audiences. The odd paid advert here and there, is a great way of driving traffic through your virtual doors. Be careful, though, they should be a way of supplementing your marketing efforts, not replacing them entirely.