Amazon releases ecommerce figures for 2014

Amazon is not usually a company to go public with its ecommerce data. Whilst it does like to publicise information about its TV and video services and product offerings, we rarely receive any details regarding its ecommerce performance – until now. As part of their new year press release, Amazon have revealed some astounding statistics that tell us a lot about both their business growth, and the growth of the whole ecommerce sector in 2014.

The press release concentrated on data related to third party sellers trading on Amazon Marketplace, but this does also give us an insight into the trading operations of the company as a whole. Amazon claim that in 2014, two billion items were sold through Amazon Marketplace by third party ecommerce sellers. They also claim that this gigantic figure made up 40% of their entire sales for the year. From these statistics, analysts have concluded that in 2014, Amazon shipped somewhere close to a staggering five billion items around the world, although the exact figure is unknown.

So what does this tell us about the ecommerce giant, and things to come for ecommerce in 2015? For one thing, it shows that Amazon are trading as strong as ever before, but there is something more interesting here. Nearly half of their entire sales for 2014 were made via third party sellers using Amazon Marketplace, which indicates the strength and growth of the independent ecommerce market. We are also seeing a move toward more globalised ecommerce marketplaces too. Amazon’s head of third party selling operations, Peter Faircy, commented on the globalisation of the third party seller market, declaring that there are now “more than a billion offers for customers to browse from sellers who are listing items for sale outside their home country”. As an ecommerce seller, this means a larger market for your product, and access to more customers, which can only be a good thing.

2015 looks to be the year of the independent ecommerce trader, whether you’re selling via an established site such as Amazon or eBay, or your own personal website. If you need advice and information on how to grow your ecommerce business, contact us at Magneto ecommerce today.