Can Google’s ecommerce analytics tool help you?

Last week, Google officially launched Enhanced Ecommerce for Google Analytics, which gives online store owners a plethora of information about how customers are behaving on their site, as well as their complete path to purchase.

The new tool helps merchants focus, not just on what is selling, but on where and why some visitors fail to reach the checkout.

This includes data for the revenue along with the conversion rates that the products are generating. Additionally, online merchants can see the average order value and how many products the average shopping cart includes, to name a few.

The analytical information and features on offer are vast and diverse so our Magento developers have highlighted the top reports available:

1. Product Lists and Product Attribution

Product Lists are logical groupings of an online store’s products, based on tagging.

The Product List Performance report gives merchants a way to see how customers find and interact with products before clicking the “add to cart” button.

The report also includes Product Attribution data. For example, there is the “last action” attribute, which identifies the last Product List a user looked at before making a purchase. This will help online stores owners better understand which Product Lists drive sales.

2. Shopping Analysis Report

The Shopping Analysis Report gives online merchants a clear and thorough insight into how customers are viewing, adding or removing products from their shopping carts, as well as how they initiate, complete, or abandon a sale.

3. Shopping Campaigns Report

The Shopping Campaigns Report will launch in the AdWords section of Google Analytics over the next few weeks. It will appear automatically for site owners that have linked their Analytics and AdWords accounts.

This report will offer a valuable insight into a Shopping Campaigns performance. This includes the product categories that drive site engagement and revenue for bid optimisation.

Although the features might seem daunting, Enhanced Ecommerce for Google Analytics is an invaluable tool to track and analyse customers’ behaviour. Plenty more information can be found on the Google support forum [] as well as tutorials on how to effectively use Google Analytics [].