Do your visitors land – or simply arrive?

Many different people will arrive at your homepage. They will be there from a range of sources and for a variety of reasons. They will use your homepage as an initial welcome point, a chance to find out more about you, and also to pass judgement. From there, they will then use the signposts you provide to head off to other pages of interest, or leave your site.

Our Magento development team, from time to time, still meet folk who believe that landing pages are actually no more than a slight variation on a homepage theme. Not only is this a misapprehension, but it can also cause serious damage to a business, in terms of frustrated visitors who let others know, and orders or other types of commitment lost.

If you imagine your homepage as a busy railway station, then your landing pages could be the individual platforms. People head there for a specific and clear reason, and expect that what they find is what they need – a train to their chosen destination. On your business or ecommerce website, this truth remains. Having searched for key words, phrases or terms – or having be redirected through a link on social media – the arrivee expects to find clear and specific information about a product or service, or further detail answering their questions or meeting a need.

The effective use of search engine optimisation techniques has brought these folk to the place you wish them to be. Now, it’s vital that the landing page is clearly-focused on their reasons or needs, thus holding their initial attention and building their interest.

Another key error that some business websites still make, is failing to use a landing page as exactly that. It’s not a destination, it’s the stopping-off point on a journey towards the action you wish visitors to take. This might be to request more information, sign up for a service, or go further into your site for specific information. Often, it’s to move them to a purchase point or your selling cart. In other words, landing pages build their desire and then show them what to do to achieve what they wish to.

Time spent creating effective and powerful landing pages is invested well. You will gain more committed visitors and have a better chance to achieve those vital conversions.