How to optimise your ecommerce site and take advantage of the January sales

Though Christmas is an incredibly crucial selling time for many online businesses, optimising on the January sales period is becoming increasingly important for ambitious ecommerce companies.

By taking full advantage of the continued spending during the post festive season, businesses can consolidate on their Christmas sales and set themselves up for a strong year of growth and innovation.

Are the January sales really that important?

The short answer is yes, January sales are incredibly important, especially for the growing ecommerce sector.

In fact January 2013 saw record online sales with £540m spent in ecommerce sites, 15% up on 2012. With continued growth seen across the sector this year, 2015 is set to be another record-breaking month for online sales.

How to optimise a site for the January sales

With increased customer spending comes increased competition from other retailers, with businesses vying to attract the biggest market share.

It’s therefore incredibly important for small and growing businesses to have a fast, well-designed and well-managed ecommerce site, if not, customers may well turn to competitors for their January sales fix.

If your business has an existing Magento ecommerce site, hiring a Magento developer to perfect its look, functionality and usability over the festive period could well pay dividends in the New Year.

Though the platform is relatively easy to use, someone with extensive experience in Magento development is more likely to get the most out of the site, giving your online shop an edge over the competition.

Incorporating social media

As well as employing Magento developers to give your ecommerce site a New Year overhaul, you should also consider asking them to incorporate social media elements into your site.

More and more people are turning to social media networks for product and company recommendations, and ensuring your business is active and integrated on a variety of platforms could make a big difference to your sales figures.

By investing some time, money and thought into your ecommerce site, you can extend your festive success well into the New Year, giving your company finances a boost and your ecommerce site the drive it needs to succeed.

Photo: sale by twicepix licensed under Creative commons 5