How to win back abandoned shopping carts

No matter how much work you’ve put into developing your Magento e-commerce site, coming up with an effective ad campaign and writing quality content for your blog, you’ll still have the age old problem of the abandoned shopping cart.

Picture this: someone has seen your cleverly crafted ad campaign, been interested enough to click and find themselves on your Magento e-commerce site. Maybe they’ve been enticed by a particularly enticing deal, or well-designed product, which they’ve quickly added to their cart. They click on the ‘checkout’ button, but for some reason, somewhere along the line, they disappear.

Where did they go?

No-one really likes to think too much about their abandonment rate, but taking a look at your metrics will alert you to reasons why shoppers may be abandoning their carts at checkout. For instance, there could be an overly complicated checkout process, a lack of adequate payment methods, a problem with a buggy address checker, or any number of other issues that could lead to people giving up out of frustration or confusion. The bottom line is, you’ll never know unless you investigate further.

On average, around 60 – 70% of customers that add your products to their shopping cart will leave the process before their purchase is complete; that’s a pretty high number of sales you’re missing out on. Not only are you missing out on sales, you’re already losing their repeat custom.

So, what can you do?

One of the most effective methods of recovering some of these lost customers is via cart recovery emails. For example, Lucky Brand Jeans saw a massive 300% increase in their cart recovery sales when switching to a quick email reminder, proving again why email retargeting is so important for any e-commerce marketing strategy.

Here’s how you can recover some of your lost customers:

Collect emails of your customers as the first step in the checkout process. This doesn’t necessarily mean they need to create an entire account (which can be off-putting to some customers), they should still be allowed to check out as a guest, you only need their email address.

Now all you have to do is set up an auto responder program, such as CartStack, to send out automated, personalised emails to customers within a predetermined time period of their cart abandonment. You may want to set this to an hour, two hours, or more. The best way to approach this is to make it seem like part of your service, and should come across as a friendly reminder.

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Photo: Trolley by macieklew licensed under Creative commons 5