Magento keeping up with boom in ecommerce with new versions

As 2015 looks set to be one of the biggest years ever for ecommerce – following massive and record online sales in the lead-up to the 2014 Christmas holiday season – the content management system Magento is keeping pace and is expected to soon release a new version of its popular ecommerce platform.

Magento 2 was announced some time ago and is still in development. Industry analysts predict that when it arrives, it will cause quite a stir in the market and attract a lot more companies to use it as their ecommerce system. Already many firms use Magento for their online sales operations, due to ease of customisation, clear product displays, and simple checkouts. Magento also enables the ability to have a responsive site that works across a range of popular devices, especially smartphones and tablet computers – all easily configurable by skilled Magento developers.

While ecommerce retailers await Magento 2, another version has recently been made available: Magento Community Edition 1.9.1. With this, merchants can greatly enhance their offerings to the online buying public. For instance, responsive design has been given an upgrade and it now has new functionality that allows Magento developers to make mobile sites much quicker. There are also default email templates that are responsive – particularly important when dealing with customers that use an array of devices to access ecommerce sites, because they will be able to see their account details and order details when using any of them.

Just as importantly with Magento ecommerce, this latest update enables people browsing products to get a greater feel for the items. This is done by using configurable swatches, which display different colours, sizes or fabrics, and they can be used in the various sections of a site, from product details to search results. If a customer likes what they see with this feature, they can quickly proceed to the checkout.

Security is always a concern with online shopping and Magento Community Edition 1.9.1 has enhanced its security and site performance features. There are dozens of more developments with this upgrade, including more analytical support so that merchants can get a better understanding of their customers – which is vital to the success of online retailing.