Magneto, mobile and you

Having an online presence has for a while been the norm rather than the exception for most small, medium and large businesses. However, a comparatively small number of businesses have a suitable mobile presence. A recent report published by a leading market research company predicts that the volume of sales originating from a smartphone or tablet will grow by 64.8% this year in the UK. 25% of UK online sales already take place via smartphones and tablets, and this percentage is forecast to rise to 40% by 2018. Clearly then, retailers need to prepare themselves to take advantage of the fast-growing “mCommerce” opportunity. The Magneto Team’s developers are well positioned to deliver functional, engaging and well-designed mobile experiences for our clients.

Magneto development is mobile led, meaning that our solutions are designed with the mobile user in mind. This way the mobile user is not short changed with a second hand experience. The Magneto ecommerce solutions we produce follow a responsive design philosophy. Responsive web design is when a website is built in a fashion that allows it to take on a different structure and display different information across a range of different devices. Typically this means that the same web page will take a different form on a smartphone screen than it does on a laptop screen. Responsive design guarantees that each user enjoys an online retail experience tailored to shrine on their device.

With an increase in the prevalence of tablet devices there has been a similar increase in tablet-based sales. Tablet-based sales are expected to account for £9.28bn of sales this year in the UK; this value is expected to more than double to £20.96bn in 2018. As such many businesses are introducing a tablet optimised experience to sit alongside their mobile and desktop/laptop experiences.

The importance of smartphone and tablet based sales cannot be dismissed. Quite simply these devices allow businesses to be ready and able to serve potential customers online any time, any place. Magneto Team can offer you a timely delivered, highly supported, well designed and innovative Magneto ecommerce solution that will unlock your business’s full digital potential.