Not all ecommerce sites are equal

Technology is constantly changing and evolving, and so too are the shopping habits of consumers. The swift development of ecommerce technologies in recent years has led to a seismic shift in the way transactions are done.

Today the average consumer wants the best prices, convenience and speed of delivery over almost anything else. Many people are now not willing to spend hours driving to and from shops, and then spend more time wandering about looking for products. People are increasingly realising that their time is valuable and can be better spent doing more productive things.

So just as consumers are changing how they make purchases, so too must firms constantly adapt to the new business environment or risk losing out. It’s no longer just possible to create a website and leave it sitting there for years on end, largely untended to. Not only must its content be updated regularly to keep it in the eyes of the all-important search engines, but its technology must be updated too.

As they grow, especially online, many firms are finding that they need to migrate to a better place on the internet, so they’re better positioned to take advantage in the rise of ecommerce. Here at Magento, we’re experts at taking our clients’ existing online properties and migrating them to something altogether better. We provide top-class magento ecommerce sites that are specially designed to let companies excel in online sales.

Migrating a website can be a process fraught with all sorts of technical issues, and it pays to have the right expertise to handle the transition. Our magento development team can deal with all matters that arise, from changing hosting to issues concerning domain names. A critical part of the process is transferring key data to the new site, and this involves everything from existing customer data to product listings and pricing and various other databases. Ensuring this process is as seamless as possible is uppermost in our team’s mind.

Once you’re up and running in your swanky new online location, it’s time to let the search engines know so you’ll feature high in their results, and then customers will hopefully come streaming in.