Our top tips for successful ecommerce development

Getting ecommerce development right can be a very demanding process with many important aspects to consider, such as user friendliness and search engine visibility. Because image is so important, businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs find ecommerce development the source of many headaches. Luckily, our Magento developers are here to help; our expert team know that ecommerce development can be significantly simplified when you apply a few strategic tactics and tips before the process even begins, and we’re going to share some of these with you below.

Choose your CMS carefully

Your chosen content management system could make or break your website’s potential, and when picking the right CMS for you, you need to take into account factors such as your website’s size and scale (in terms of customers and products). For smaller ecommerce websites, sometimes a platform as simple as WordPress will suffice, whilst larger ecommerce sites will require a CMS that can be better scaled and optimised for heavy traffic and large product lines.

Going large? Build for redundancy

If you’re expecting to cater to thousands of users per day, your ecommerce site will need to be built for redundancy. Mostly this means simply keeping your database and your actual website servers separate, or hosting images and video via CDNs.

SEO friendly URLs

No longer do we want to see a random series of numbers on the end of a URL; the world has since moved on. These days, you want to make your website as accessible and user friendly as possible, and that includes those good old search engines. Try to keep your URLs focused on target keywords; for instance, look at sites such as Amazon and Zappos. Include target keywords like the name of your product, and its main features, for optimised SEO.

Plan, plan, plan!

In other words, know what you’re doing before you start doing it. A successful ecommerce project can take months to complete, so making your plan as detailed as possible will ensure you are prepared for all eventualities; from the development itself, right up to product pages, descriptions and images.

Outsource your development

If you’re relatively inexperienced and feel overwhelmed by the idea of creating your own ecommerce website, why not hire a professional to do all the hard work for you? The Magento Team is a qualified Magento development and design team who will listen and work with you to create the ideal ecommerce solution you’ve been dreaming of. Contact us today to find out more about what we could do for you.