Questions to ask before hiring an ecommerce developer

Here at the Magento Team, we know that hiring an ecommerce developer to build your first online store can be daunting. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of questions you should ask before you commit to hiring the right e-commerce developer for your project.

Which ecommerce software do you use?

This is something you can research before you begin looking at potential candidates. For your best interests, you will need software that is easy for you to work with and manage when your site is complete.

What is your experience with ecommerce development?

If possible, ask for real-life examples of e-commerce sites the developer has previously worked on. The Magento Team can show you real examples of Magento ecommerce, such as the mobile-ready site we developed for Roseland Furniture.

What are your contract terms?

No matter which developer you decide to go for, you will need terms in black and white, including; deadlines, fees and payment terms, any additional fees, expectations, and support post-development.

How will we communicate?

Laying out the ground rules is important, and you will want to have regular updates on how your ecommerce site is doing. The Magento Team can communicate with you as a customer every step of the way, and will never leave you in the dark.

Will my e-commerce site be optimised for mobile use?

This is very important, and is essential for modern ecommerce sites. Your customers will expect a seamless experience from desktop, to tablet and mobile. The Magento Team is committed to providing fully mobile friendly ecommerce sites that are a delight to browse, no matter where you are.

Will it be easy for me to manage my site?

When your site is fully up and running, you will be in charge, so having a user-friendly site is crucial. You’ll want to adjust things like banners, product descriptions, news and content etc. You may even want to add extra features to your site in future, so you will need your developer to share all logins, files, passwords and content with you. You should also be the owner of everything associated with your site.


Don’t enter into an ecommerce development agreement without first thoroughly checking out a company and whether it can cater to all your needs. The Magento Tean can answer all your questions and more, so contact the us today to find out what we could do for you.

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