Security alert! Keeping hackers out of your online store

The ever-present threat of hackers is a real worry for many owners of ecommerce sites, and with a new report by internet security firm Imperva disclosing that online retail operations are the biggest target of attacks, making sure your site is as secure as possible is more critical now than ever.

You may know that Magento is among the best content management systems for running an online store, and if you’re already using it or even just thinking about it, you’ll be pleased to know there are a number of basic things you can do to keep your store safe – and protect your customers’ data. Any breach and theft of credit card and other information could prove ruinous to your credibility and overall business.

Passwords – the bane of the internet life. How many do you have? Dozens, probably, or maybe just one, which you use across an array of sites. While tech firms work to come up with an alternative to the drudgery of devising and using passwords – such as, perhaps, a pan-internet “key” or iris scan using a webcam – we’re stuck with them. So make sure that with your Mangento site you use a password that’s as complex as possible, using upper case and lower case as well as numbers and symbols and making it as long as you can. This will give you a secure password that will be difficult for any hacker to crack.

Use a secure connection to send information, including for log-ins, because doing otherwise can lead to data being intercepted. Fortunately, with Magento you can easily configure your site so that all log-ins are encrypted when the data is sent, and no one can get their hands on it. Also, only use your Magento password for your ecommerce site and no other, and make sure your antivirus and malware programs are always up to date and that regular scans are performed.

If you’re concerned about security for your Magento ecommerce site, get in touch with a Magento developer and have your site assessed for any possible threats as well as beefing up security to keep hackers out.