Social Media & Magento Ecommerce

With ecommerce playing an ever greater role in the way we do our shopping there is something to be said for the relationship between our shopping habits and ecommerce. The convenience of being able to stay at home, browse products and simply click to have them delivered to your door has had a huge impact on our lives.

Not only can you buy your clothes, furniture and gadgets but you can also do your food shopping online. That’s not where our interaction stops with ecommerce sites however, product reviews and recommendations were some of the first ways in which ecommerce developed a “social” side. With some previously satisfied customers you could promote both the shopping experience and the item itself.

These things are still in use now but social media has changed a lot in the last 10 years, with websites such as Facebook and Twitter allowing for even more interaction between customers and companies. By utilising something as simple as Facebook a company can advertise and promote their product or brand on a users profile – this is targeted advertising as it’s highly likely that the user will have friends who are also interested in the same things.

The relationship is a two-way street however, as while a company will seek to communicate their brand through social media interactions the customers will expect a more personal customer service. Twitter has quickly become a way for customers to air their grievances and get a quick resolution to their problems without waiting days and weeks for a reply through email.

Ecommerce and social media go hand in hand because although shopping online can remove the physical side of shopping we still like socialise and discuss our experience with others. Social media allows an ecommerce site to collate data on its users and take better steps to cater for their needs.

Groups of like-minded people from around the world can come together to help promote their favourite brands. There are a rising number of YouTube vloggers who review products impartially to generate discussion about their chosen speciality area whether it’s something as broad as makeup or as wacky as cereal.

Magento ecommerce can help to support you with 24/7 site support and complaint hosting, allowing you to better interact with your customers and solve any potential problems. If you choose to promote your brand over social media to improve your SEO and traffic site you will surely see conversions blossom and the Magento development team can help you enhance that customer experience.

Photo: Add to Car by melenita2012 licensed under Creative commons 4