The benefits of an all-in-one ecommerce solution

Here at Magento Team, our Magento developers are often talking to existing customers of clients, potential customers, and people who regularly shop online. This is often the best way to find out what they might want from your site or store, and some interesting revelations come up time and time again.

For instance, people dislike doing all the shopping on one site, and then being redirected to a second site for payment, like PayPal, to do the checking out. This disconnect is one reason that many transactions go unfulfilled. Any time someone is sent elsewhere, even to a reputable site, it seems to create a seed of suspicion in many people’s minds. On the modern web, a store should have its own checkout page, or accept PayPal or other mechanisms within the site.

Another common issue, even today, is poor pictures and product descriptions. The product might sound good in the snippet available on a Google search page, but when a potential buyer clicks the link and sees only small or low resolution images, or a too short, nondescript bit of text about the product, they will more than likely try elsewhere. Ensuring your product titles are clear, the brief description covers all the basics and a longer description gives all the details is vital to sell any product.

Confusing design can also prevent shoppers from buying. There should be a large and clear “Order” button, an obvious “Check Out” button, and if they need to register or sign in before paying, that should be made clear too. Sites must look consistent throughout to avoid confusion. They should also avoid being overly suggestive about additional items someone might also want to buy alongside their chosen product; aggressive up-selling is now considered a turn-off. Essentials like batteries or a case, sure, but offering 15 different “extras” is considered overkill.

Using Magento ecommerce and our design team’s skills, we can avoid all these pitfalls for you. We will ensure your site is clearly designed, well laid out, intuitive for the shopper and offering all the features they need. We will leave you with an attractive store front to sell from and give you advice to help get the customers coming.