The rise of e-commerce

The rise of e-commerce is continuing at great pace it seems, after it was announced that record sales figures for the platform were set last month. During November e-commerce was responsible for over 20 per cent of all UK retail non-food sales, making it an income stream that established businesses can’t afford to miss out on, and the ideal place for new businesses to turn to when they are trying to get up and running.

This means that £1 in every £5 pound spent on non-food purchases in the UK is spent online. So how do you make the most of this massive income stream? Here are our top tips.

Maximise your online presence

Your online presence can be split into two strands; paid for and organic. The paid for element can produce results pretty instantly; set up your Google Adwords, write your ads and pick your keywords, and once they have been approved your products can be appearing in search results within a couple of hours. Your performance in the Google ad rankings are directly affected by your site performance, so a fast-loading, Magento landing page will help you appear further up the rankings and also save you money.

The organic strand is more of a slow burner. This relies on the SEO quality of your site; something that our Magento developers take into account right from the beginning of the website build, to hep ensure your best results.

Make your site easy to use

A bespoke Magento solution can include any element that you want, including a variety of payment options and easy to find, well-categorised items, meaning that the process of landing on the site to making a purchase is accomplished as quickly and easily as possible.

Plan for peak periods

There are several times of the year that are becoming real times of focus for online businesses; Christmas is an obvious and long-established one but is now being joined by others, in particular occasions like Black Friday. These times have to form an integral part of your annual marketing plan, so have your key products highlighted, well priced and ready to be promoted via your email and online advertising channels at the push of button.

Follow our advice and you’re sure to make a solid start to your e-commerce venture. Good luck!