The three starting points for your e-commerce site

The internet is empowering to small businesses, letting you truly unlock your potential and sell easier than ever before, so many entrepreneurs come to the Magento Team for help in developing their e-commerce site. E-commerce is the future of retail, and can level the playing field when it comes to large competitors.

However, as with any business venture, e-commerce requires careful planning to avoid the common pitfalls and risks that can lead to failure. We can, and will, help you stay on track, but in the meantime here are the 3 golden rules to follow when taking your first steps into e-commerce.

Be trustworthy

The internet can be a scary place. People are nervous about their personal details being lost, hacked or shared publicly, and this is even more acute when it comes to banking details. Proper protection is an absolute must for successful e-commerce; a wide range of convenient payment methods is great, and certainly a key goal for your site, but making sure your customers feel safe sharing their private information is the top priority. Think very carefully and do your research to find which methods work best for you and your customers.

Establish yourself

Sadly, the experience of window shopping is somewhat lost when everything’s online. There are ways to get it back though! Promote yourself on social media, paying special attention to sites such as Pinterest and Instagram to maximise traffic. Promoting your site and letting people know about it is an obvious but often overlooked stage of the e-commerce launch. Like traditional physical stores, location also plays a part – using the right internet service provider and your own web server, along with a memorable domain name, is a great way to establish a professional, trustworthy and successful reputation.

Be dashingly attractive

That’s where we come in. Making your site attractive, easy to use and compatible with mobile devices is a surefire way to boost your SEO and online presence. User experience on the web is everything, so a sleek design can really make or break a sale. With the right tools and talented expertise, your site can stand out from the rest. Just like a traditional shop, the store front is your way to entice customers and make those sales!