Using video as an ecommerce tool

2015 will be the year that more and more ecommerce sites start to use video to engage the customer. When they are used well, videos can send your conversion rates rocketing. So here are some simple tips from Magento developers for making those videos as effective as possible.

1. Film the product in action!

Your product might look nice when it is filmed or photographed in a plain studio space, but your ecommerce videos need to reflect the environment in which your customers are going to use the product in their everyday lives. If you are selling a soft drink for customers to drink on the go, for instance, your video could depict a street, a commuter train, or another scene which reflects the typical places where your product will come in handy.

If the product has a special feature, then make sure to show that in the video. For instance, are you enticing customers with a laptop computer than can transform into a tablet? Show that transformation occurring in the film!

2. Focus on narrative.

Let your creative juices flow as you think about a story you can tell involving your product. A romantic first encounter, a chance meeting, a wild adventure, and the discovery of a new hobby can all be moments that have your product at the centre.

Telling a story with your ecommerce videos is a sure fire way to keep your users interested. If you like, you could even create a series of ecommerce videos that each continue the same story a little bit more.

3. Keep monitoring the effect your videos are having.

So you have made a beautiful ecommerce video that tells a fantastic story and shows your product in a great light in a way that reflects your overall brand image? Great, but your work is not done quite yet.

Keep monitoring your site stats so that you can see just how many users engage with your video. In particular, how many people watch it to the very end? Do users tend to turn off the video at a particular point? Use this information to make future ecommerce videos more successful.