Why busyness can be a misleading guide to success

Imagine you are walking through a shopping mall. How would you recognise the most successful stores? One common answer would be “the ones that are the busiest”. Yet, in revenue terms, this may well not be the case. Those who are thronged with people might not be the ones whose tills are ringing the loudest (if tills still rang). If many are simply browsing, and never take their interest to a higher level, then footfall isn’t a measure of achievement.

It’s no different when you create and use an ecommerce website. Ineffective SEO could seem to deliver a large number of searchers to your site. However, if they arrived under a misapprehension about the services or products you then offered them, they would leave in a disgruntled manner; just the type of person who may spread bad news about your business to others. Equally, if the destination you provided for them didn’t clearly match their expectations, then the same disillusionment can quickly follow.

A third way to end their journey after arrival and before purchase – or any other specific action you wanted them to take – is to fail to make their progress through your site a pleasurable and simple experience. In physical stores, this might be the equivalent of seeing ten tills, but only two open, each with a queue of frustrated potential buyers (“potential” because some may simply leave rather than wait).

Our Magento team know that such failures can’t be tolerated if real success is to be achieved. That’s why, for example, we make sure that a visitor experience is positive, no matter the type of device or screen they are using to access your ecommerce site. Or that seamless integration of payment gateways into your site keeps those customers with you throughout the process.

It can often be interesting to judge physical stores by using the online term UX. Is the User Experience all it should be? Is it even a priority for every member of the team, or reflected in the layout of that store? Online, with our Magento ecommerce experience and input, the answer for your business can be a resounding “yes”!