Why video could be the key to converting new ecommerce customers

Ecommerce is big business. In the UK alone, over £13bn worth of purchases are carried out every year, and this is expected to rise to as much as £45bn by 2020. A massive 95% of the British population are believed to regularly purchase goods online.

The availability of ecommerce sites has grown exponentially in the last few years, with big software and development companies such as Magento ecommerce, owned by eBay, dominating a large section of the market.

The number of platforms that make ecommerce sites readily available to anyone, anywhere, play a big part in the success of online shopping. Users can buy a product on the train, in a cafe, in bed, or just walking down the street with a few simple clicks.

But what is going to make them want to buy your products?

The product itself is obviously the main draw. If it is priced competitively and available quickly, you have a good chance of making a sale. It’s also vital that you have compelling content around the product, in the form of detailed images, a description and authentic reviews.

One of the biggest influencers in online shopping, however, is video. Appliances retailer AO.com, which was recently floated on the stock exchange with a value of £1.6bn has videos of all of its products and reports that visitors who watch them are 120.5% more likely to buy. Not only that, but video viewers spend on average 9.1% with the company than shoppers who do not watch videos.*

In summary, a short video on your company, or showcasing specific features of individual products in your catalogue will present you as a creditable company to buy from, and will, therefore, entice more customers to spend with you. Not only that, but with Google’s increasing focus on quality content, it also improves your chances of appearing towards the top of those all-important search results.

*Source: http://ecommerceinsiders.com/ecommerce-websites-usability-testing-shows-ao-customers-buy-2488/